Make Your Phone a News Reading Destination for You with Quick News App.

Quick News app is a community-driven app that lets you read the latest informative news about the world around you. It compiles everything for you from the world around you at just one convenient spot. Thus, you don’t have to look around different news or stories websites.

Whether you’re on the go or staying at the home, Quick News app works as a handy News eReader to stay on the top of the news on the go, or the trendy news your friends are talking about the most.

Benefits Of App

  • Quick News App allows mobile users to swipe down/top the screen to read the previous/next news.

  • It supports automatic background refresh with the news sync to allow users to fetch next latest news which they might have missed if they were offline over their mobile devices.

  • It allows you to switch to day & night modes to support better eyes health.

Why Choose this App

Quick App is a simple, quick and a full of news app to help you stay on the top of news around you.
Abstractly, we can say - an excellent app to have a world of news at your fingertips!

  • Pocket News for Later Read

    Quick News app allows you to read the news later you’ve saved to your pocket. However, if you’re on the go, you can read the latest news offline, too.

  • Day & Night Modes Support

    Quick News app is coupled with day & night modes that allow users to switch to day or night mode to adjust to the environment for better eyes health.

  • Share News with Your Friends

    Not only it allows you to read news, but you can also share the news with your friends on your social accounts like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram, etc

  • Quick & Simple

    Quick News app is a simple & quick way to be always up to date with the trendy news. Each news & story starts with a near-full screen image and is then proceeded by series of next stories and news that move up and down as you scroll down the page.

  • A Single Convenient Spot to Read Everything

    With this fast, simple & full of news app, you can read everything at just a single convenient spot & read about all the happening around you, and you don’t have to look around different news or stories websites.

  • News Sync to Pick up Latest News

    News sync option allows you to see next latest news which you might have missed due to offline.

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